Independent Living

At Great Lakes Christian Homes we offer several independent living options for housing so that you can decide how much or how little to downsize. Our floor plans keep in mind your desire for storage, adequate space for moving around furniture and ground floor views to suit your personality.

As you have grown and matured, you understand that life is about different seasons. Starting school, learning to drive, graduating, then perhaps marriage and a family are just a few examples. Throughout each season you have had to make adjustments in different areas of your life. You might have had to change jobs, care for a child, nurse a family member and adjust as your own children left home to start their journey of life. Each of these adjustments involves a decision. The decision can be as simple as rearranging the furniture in a now vacated bedroom or as complicated as understanding the complex emotions in the grieving process.

Unfortunately, just as we don't choose the length of seasons in nature, we can't always choose the length of seasons in life. Sometimes, we come to crossroads in life that demand a decision about our independence. Our will is to maintain as much independence as possible. Moving into a Villa reduces the amount of time spent on maintaining the lawn and household repairs and maintenance. An inclusive rent condenses all the utilities simplifying bill keeping thus allowing continued independence over finances. In our Four Seasons Center, housekeeping and main meal, simplifies tasks of daily living, allowing more freedom in choosing where we can continue independence over our daily life.



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Features and Services

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The Great Lakes Lifestyle

There is always something for the residents of Great Lakes Christian Homes. Monthly event and activity calendars are designed for the particular interests and abilities of the residents.

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