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Great Lakes Christian Homes is located on a 40 acre site in the greater Lansing Michigan region. The picturesque landscaping and the scenic view around our community enhances the tranquility of our Main Building and Villa Apartments. The well lit, beautifully furnished common areas are an inviting setting to visit with neighbors.

We enable you to live an independent lifestyle on your own terms. Full sized stoves and refrigerators equip you to decide how much you prefer to cook. All our apartments offer the convenience of ground floor access and ample parking.


Our History

Great Lakes Christian Homes is a not-for-profit organization that exists for the purpose of meeting the physical, social and spiritual needs of the aging population with support services.

In 1991, after several months of diligent effort and numerous modifications the design for Great Lakes Christian Homes was unveiled. Construction on the Home began September 16, 1991 and the building was ready for occupancy July 1, 1992. The 100 unit building opened with a library, gift shop, dining room and a spacious 100 seat chapel. This was truly a home for the new residents.

Great Lakes Christian Homes is designed to provide high quality care and promote the best interest of each person within the home by encouraging people to function physically and intellectually at the highest practical level. We are committed to helping families in any way we can to make a difference in someone's life. We offer assistance to foster dignity by promoting activities and nurturing relationships that have meaning for each resident.

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Our Team

We have a GREAT team offering GREAT care!

Our team understands that we work where you live and not that you live where we work. This important distinction marks us as a ministry dedicated to help you live as independently as you can while ensuring that you get the assistance you need to stay safe, active and healthy. Our team has a determination to listen to our residents in such a way that at the end of the day, they know they have had the experience of being served.

There is a lot of longevity on the Team. Most of them have been here at Great Lakes Christian Homes for over ten years. Not only is our home a wonderful place to live but it is also a wonderful place to work.

Words from our team...

"I love working here, it is like my family."

"I look forward to the hugs and smiles from residents. It makes my day and can change my mood so that I feel better."

"Making a positive difference in the life of another person gives my life a greater purpose."

"Sometimes growing older isn't fun, but when I can help someone and help them maintain their dignity and let them know how much we care about them, I have made a difference."

"I appreciate the ability to pray for a resident as we wait for an ambulance, or pray for a back or a heart that aches. Finding comfort in a rich spiritual bond lifts us both up on this journey of life."

"The laughter rings off the walls and sounds through the home as we just live life."

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Join Our Team

Great Lakes Christian Homes is committed to providing exceptional living and health care services to our community. We are an equal opportunity employer looking for committed individuals who love caring for our greatest generation. Click here to learn more about the positions we have available...

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We enjoy hearing from our residents and their family members. Here is what some had to say about Great Lakes Christian Homes...

"I have truly enjoyed meeting so many nice, wonderful people."

"I can live in an economical way, independently as I choose and because I am safe, my family has stopped worrying about me. I should have moved here sooner."

"It's like being in my own home only I don't have to worry about maintenance and paying for repairs. I am actually more independent because I don't have to have people taking me to get my hair done, get groceries, go to activities and pick out Library books."

"I am an individual here. I can be by myself if I want to and I can go to activities if I feel like it not because I have to. I have a lot of control over my life still."

"The Christian environment and fellowship are important to me. The other residents are very kind and friendly."

"I can't control my health but I can control how independent I want to be and know that help is immediately available if I need it."

"I honestly cannot think of one thing I don't like about living here. I should have moved here sooner."

"I like making my own schedule and I like when my family comes to visit and they can sit down and talk rather than cleaning my house."

"We are a neighborhood of people. My neighbor is 103, and I am 81 and we all help each other and the staff is very caring and supportive."

"My mother didn't want to move here at first and now she loves the staff and all her new friends. Thank you for taking such great care of her."

"My dad was so lonely after his wife passed away. Now he has people to talk to at lunch and he can go to activities and movies even though he no longer drives."

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